Online shopping V/s Covid19

April 23, 2020 1 By Smart Butti

How to fight Covid19 with Online shopping?

Stay Home, Shop Online Beat Covid19


I was just thinking from some time, what are measures we are taking as a citizen to control the chain of covid19.

 As I was looking in deep, my mind stuck at a place. The government imposed the lockdown to stick to our homes. But are we really sticking to this? No, we are stepping out and spending almost 2-3hours outside, just to shop for essential items such as groceries, vegetables, and other stuff.

I usually shop at a supermarket in my place. But from few days its being super-crowded and there were no social distancing norms followed. I think this is the case in the major cities.

From the next day I never wanted to step out, and mind was just searching for an idea.

Suddenly a thought struck, Why not online shopping of groceries?

Online Grocery Shopping

In the past, I had just shopped once or twice online. I felt comfortable shopping offline where I can see and buy my stuff. But taking note of the situation I wanted to shop online. This Idea of online shopping experience just felt great for me and also I have listed down the benefits of doing this:

Why shop online at this time of Covid19?

  • To keep ourselves and our family safe. Especially kids and elderly at the home, because they are at high risk of contracting a virus.
  • We can follow strict social distancing guidelines.
  • You can shop for all products under one roof, no need to search for stuff, and waste almost 2-3hrs on this.
  • This 2-3hrs can be utilized for physical fitness, playing with kids, cooking, persuading a hobby etc.
  • You get all the products delivered at your doorstep; most of them offer free delivery with no extra charges.
  • This also helps people who are already finding it difficult to manage work-life balance. Work from home, kids at home minimal housemaid support is making the situation worse.
  • You can completely avoid coming in contact with people, buy choosing contactless delivery, and also online payment options.
  • We also get better prices compared to offline stores. As most of the offline stores are charging more than the MRP because of huge demand and scarcity of resources.
  • It is open 24/7 anytime whereas, physical stores in the current situation are only operating for 5-6hrs.

I urge each one of you, wherever possible shop online to save yourselves ,your family and the community to stop the spread of the virus. The more we stay at home, we are actually putting less burden on the healthcare and support systems.

I also insist to shop whatever is really essential. And also please stop panic buying.

Buy only what’s important and do not overshop as this is creating a scarcity of resources. It also creates a huge demand for a particular product and the prices automatically will soar.

There are many families out there, where only elderly people stay alone , as most of their kids stay in different cities, states, or even different countries. Reach out to such people you know and help them shop online. This saves them from stepping out.

As we all shop online, even the e-commerce platforms are not able to deliver at times. But you should be able to find a slot. Do help your neighbors also shop with you this can save the overall burden on the online e-commerce platforms.

 Where to Shop Online?

Bigbasket, Grofers, Grocery factory,Amazon pantry, Flipkart  and also to fulfill the demand many online food delivery platforms are now delivering groceries online, do check Swiggy, Zomato, and Curefit for the alternate online platforms.

Choose Wisely, Stay Home, Stay Safe!

I would also Like to introduce, Our E-Commerce website which would purely deliver groceries: We would be launching soon, Stay tuned for more updates.

Thanks for reading!

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